Off Grid Permaculture Homestead Tour

I’m extremely interested in Permaculture. Mainly because it seems like a less labor intensive, more natural way to grow things. But also partially because it’s so elusive to me- lots of theories and ideas out there, fewer real life examples- at least in my limited reading on the topic so far. So when we had […]

How to Get Your Ass Handed to You in One Easy Step {Homesteader Edition}

If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you know the state of the state around here lately. You’ve seen my housekeeping at the lowest of the low. Ahem. My kitchen the other week… Now before anyone alerts the authorities, I’d like you to know I regained control (that very day, miraculously). […]

Zero Waste Giveaway!

I’m excited to partner with Brush with Bamboo, Bee’s Wrap, and five of my favorite zero-waste bloggers: Inge from GRuNISH Kara from Kara goes green Stephanie from Waste-free PhD Andrea from Near-O-Waste Kimberly from zanygreenquest to offer a fun little giveaway! Four people will win a 4-pack of bamboo toothbrushes (Value $19.99 each, Product details) […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 4

I’ve been baby stepping my way to “zero waste” for four months now. The first three months I was highly motivated and made all these changes and did all this stuff (below I link to posts detailing each month, if you’re interested), and in the fourth month, life happened. Namely, the car needed a lengthy […]

Learning To Let Go: Gardening With Kids

Gardening with a three year old and a baby. Y’all. Help me. After a long period of rainy weather, things finally dried up enough for us to start getting the garden in the ground. And so I cheerfully and optimistically hauled the kiddos and some seeds out to our garden plot and proceeded to participate […]

Freedom Ranger vs Cornish Cross {Broiler Chicken Comparison}

There is a lot of debate in the land of “raise your own chickens” over which breed of chicken is best. It seems to generally come to down a Cornish Cross type of ultra fast growing breed, or a “ranger” line (Freedom, Red, Black, I’m sure there are more) that grows slightly slower but still […]

Homegrown Chicken Costs {Cornish Cross Style}

The day after Christmas, post “great flu incident of 2014,” we processed 50 Cornish Cross chickens to stock our freezer for the upcoming year. Unlike our first year raising chickens for meat (Freedom Rangers in 2013), I actually tracked our costs this time around. Say what? High fives self and eats chocolate chips as reward. […]

Fridays on the Farm! 4.10.15

As a blogger it’s always a good idea to write posts that can be shared far and wide and contain content that is always relevant. Think: “7 ways to replace aluminum foil in your kitchen,” for example. Doesn’t matter when it was written, someone can open that sucker up and get a few ideas. Useful […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 3

Writing a monthly overview of my zero wasting has me a little twitchy because it drives home how quickly time is flying. Absolutely flying, I tell you.  For my “month three” zero waste summary I present to you, my trash bag for the month of March: That’s right my friends. I saved my trash from […]

A Heifer Named Herschel? {And Pregnant Cow Vulva Pictures}

I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a girl named “Herschel.” Cow 101: A “heifer” is a female cow who has not had a calf. So tiny baby girl calves are heifers, and grown female cows pregnant with their first calves are also heifers until that first baby is born. All that for free, folks. […]