Grandparents, Real Food, Kids, and Boundaries.

As a “real foodie” mom (aka, a mom who strongly, strongly prefers her children eat foods containing only ingredients that are indisputably unprocessed foods), I walk a fine line when it comes to eating frequent meals with family members. And an even finer line when it comes to handling situations where family members will be […]

Sneaky Egg Pancakes

A while back my dearest Bridger boy, now three years old, decided he no longer liked eggs. He went from happily eating eggs all the time to flat out refusing them. No biggie, he still eats an egg for breakfast many mornings, except he thinks he’s eating pancakes. He’s been falling for this trick for […]

Banana Bites {Easy Real Food Snack}

Holy Mackerel, folks. I’d like to officially welcome myself back to the land of the semi-functional. As you know, our precious baby Quill was born about two and a half months ago, and up until a week ago I could only get her to nap in the baby carrier (i.e., on my body… all day). […]

Cooking With Toddler: Stockholm Syndrome?

If you’ve ever cooked with a toddler, you know it’s like cooking with a little hostile who is not on your side. A captor, if you will. You, the grownup, are the hostage. You take deep breaths as your carefully measured ingredients don’t always make it into the bowl, since the toddler insists on pouring […]

Avoiding Juice Boxes…

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Steven Depolo, Edited 2014. I haven’t been a parent for very long (two years), but I’ve managed to figure out two parenting truths. The first is that your child will make a liar out of you; it’s only a matter of time. The second is that kids drink juice […]