7 Zero Waste Solutions for your Personal Care Routine

You may or may not have noticed that I am extremely tardy on my “Zero Waste Baby Steps” update for last month… as in, I never posted anything. But as life would have it, it is suddenly the end of another month, so let’s get on with it! In May I ended up finally finding […]

Off Grid Permaculture Homestead Tour

I’m extremely interested in Permaculture. Mainly because it seems like a less labor intensive, more natural way to grow things. But also partially because it’s so elusive to me- lots of theories and ideas out there, fewer real life examples- at least in my limited reading on the topic so far. So when we had […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 2

Photo credit: Photo by MyDoorSign.com, Flickr creative commons, edited 2015.  And just like that, another month is in the books. Dear Time, you can slow down a little bit. But anyway, zero waste. I have now officially made it two months into my zero waste journey (read my goals here and my first month’s experience […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 1

Photo credit: Photo by MyDoorSign.com, Flickr creative commons, edited 2014. The goal: Minimize our possessions and trash output. Since I’m slowly baby stepping my way to a life of less stuff and less trash, I thought I’d document my monthly progress and challenges. During January I spent a lot of time getting setup. Here’s what […]

My Zero Waste Goals for 2015

Photo credit: Photo by MyDoorSign.com, Flickr creative commons, edited 2014. I dream of nothing. No, really. Nothing. Ever since I read Zero Waste Home a while back, I’ve been longing for freedom from my stuff. And my trash. Here’s the deal. My time is valuable. I want to spend it doing things with my family, […]

Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner: 4 Things I Learned

My super awesome sister, Lindsey (who is a real journalist, by the way), has written a guest post about a sustainable Thanksgiving meal she recently attended. She’s the bomb. The end. It’s estimated that the average American meal travels 1500 miles from farm to plate—that’s farther than my husband, Andrew, and I are traveling from […]

Garden Update: Heirloom Veggies

Yes. We do still have a garden. Not that you would know it from my lack of regular Friday updates…  Sorry about that. I’ve been in crazy baby mode, and poor Farmer Dickie has been doing everything farm related around these parts. Everything. Thank the Lord for that man’s work ethic and energy level. But […]

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Even though I haven’t written about it lately, we’re still plugging along with the Local Bite Challenge, and it’s getting so much easier now that we’re used to it. One unexpected side effect of eating very local has been the dramatic reduction in the quantity of garbage we generate. Most food from the Farmer’s market […]

Eating Local: Week 3 {With Meal Plan}

After two weeks of trying to eat local (see here and here), I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a brat. I realize that might sound a bit harsh, but I’m afraid it’s true. I am so used to being able to get whatever food I want, whenever I want it, that I am […]

How To Start A Homestead

We’ve been “homesteading” for a little over three years now. What started out as a desire to live intentionally and garden has escalated into chickens, two pigs, a dairy cow (or several), and meat chickens. Not to mention about an acre of garden space and a greenhouse. Chickens are a gateway animal, I tell you. […]