Sneaky Egg Pancakes

A while back my dearest Bridger boy, now three years old, decided he no longer liked eggs. He went from happily eating eggs all the time to flat out refusing them. No biggie, he still eats an egg for breakfast many mornings, except he thinks he’s eating pancakes. He’s been falling for this trick for […]

Banana Bites {Easy Real Food Snack}

Holy Mackerel, folks. I’d like to officially welcome myself back to the land of the semi-functional. As you know, our precious baby Quill was born about two and a half months ago, and up until a week ago I could only get her to nap in the baby carrier (i.e., on my body… all day). […]

The Original Black Friday Deal: FREE Turkey Stock!

Happy belated Thanksgiving my friends! I hope you had a wonderful meal and much to be thankful for this year. Photo Credit: Ruocaled, Flickr Creative Commons, edited Not to minimize Thanksgiving and the wonderful day spent with family, but I tell you what. I really look forward to making bookoodles of turkey stock after the […]

Liver, Onions & Bacon: The Real Breakfast of Champions

  As you may or may not know, I’ve been trying to incorporate liver into my diet one to two times per week according to the recommendations of the Weston A Price Foundation. Why? Because liver is a super food. I originally found liver repulsive so I took liver pills (buy them here). However, I […]

What To Do With Leftover Pulled Chicken? Make Chicken Parmesan Soup!

This summer we butchered our first batch of meat chickens, leaving us with a freezer full of whole chickens. So naturally, every week or two I either slow cook or roast one, pull the leftover meat off to cook with later in the week, and then make stock with the bones and feet. (Considering I […]

Pizza Bread

WARNING: Contains white flour. (Haha, I crack myself up. But really, if you are looking for properly prepared whole grains, this recipe is not it… Although you can sub up to half the flour with sprouted whole grain flour and it’s still good- buy it here.) Pizza Bread. All the goodness of pizza, rolled up […]

Jessi’s Oven Roasted Okra

Today I’m going to greatly improve the quality of your life, just as my friend Jessi did for me when she gave me her oven roasted okra recipe last year. Obviously, fried okra is delicious. As is okra in gumbo. However, I’m not a huge fryer, and I rarely make gumbo, yet I have oodles of […]

Spinach Bacon Potato Frittata

I’ll admit, I think it’s funny when a recipe includes all of the ingredients in the name. In the spirit of not being funny, I showed some restraint here and omitted feta from the title. Really this should be called a spinach-bacon-potato-feta frittata. We have our fair share of eggs around here, and so we have […]

Homemade Burger Seasoning

You may have gathered from the relative  lack of recipes on this site, that I am a huge fan of keeping it simple in the kitchen. Real simple. We do a lot of meals that consist of a meat, a veggie, and a starch. The end. And while I don’t do a lot of fancy baked goods […]

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Soaked Pancakes

Every weekend we have pancakes for breakfast. Usually on Sunday, because we pick up our fresh milk on Saturday, and who doesn’t want fresh milk with their pancakes? Before I became a aware of the importance of properly preparing grains, we would make buttermilk pancakes with store-bought buttermilk and organic white flour. Now we’ve made […]