Killing Pigs Nicely, Farmstead Meatsmith Style

Warning. This posts contains graphic images of pigs being killed and butchered. If you’d rather not see such things, now is the time to read a different post. May I suggest an adorable baby calf being born? On New Year’s day we slaughtered our two pigs we’d gotten the previous February. (Yes yes, you did […]

Fridays on the Farm: Morning Farm Chores (Fall 2014)

This post brought to you from the afterlife. What? Oh, I haven’t died and gone to heaven? Ahhh, my children are just both napping at the same time. But seriously, it’s full on crazy town at our house these days. But every now and then, I get the teeniest bit of down time and I […]

Fridays on the Farm {Dear Mama Cow, I’m Sorry I Wanted to Eat You}

Happy Friday, friends! I come to you well rested after sending Bridger boy for a “spend the night party” at the grandparents, during which I slept the vast majority of the time. Two naps in two days followed by a trip to the chiropractor… I die. In a good way. And now for the farm […]

Pastured Pigs: What They Eat And Where They Live

I think it’s high time for a pig update, don’t you? Several months ago we found a local farmer who raises a cross between two heritage breed pigs- Large Black and Tamworths- so we brought home our first two pigs to feed out and eventually slaughter for meat. Where they live. When the pigs first […]

Fridays on the Farm: Who Let the Calves Out?

Who, who, who, who, who. Haha, get it? Who let the calves out? who, who, who, who, who… Yeah. We totally sang that when we let the calves out of the pen this last week. Our coolness knows no bounds, my friends. But seriously, letting the calves out of the pen was a wonderful step […]

Fridays on the Farm: Garden Prep, Pastured Pigs, and Cows Galore!

It’s been a long, cold, semi-nauseating winter, and I am SO glad spring is officially here. I have informed my husband that if we have a third baby, it will have to be born in late fall or early winter, because I have no intention of ever being both nauseous and cold for an extended […]

Using Pigs to Till the Garden {And A Little Hot Wire Training}

A while back we brought home our first two feeder pigs– pigs we’ll feed until they are slaughter size and then magically transform into meat. The time has come to use them to till our garden for spring planting, while simultaneously training them to hot wire for the next phase of their adventure. You see, […]

From Lilly to Lard

I used to dress so cute. I had a career, an active social life, and a shopping budget. All things which required and afforded cute clothes. My oh my how times have changed! I traded in my career for time at home with my son, my active social life for farm work, and my personal […]