Flame Retardant Freak Out (Avoiding Flame Retardants in Baby Gear)

Photo Credit: memekode, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, edited 2014. I recently spent a several day period of time in a flame retardant-induced freak out. I started digging out all of Bridger’s baby gear (swing, carseat, pack-n-play, ect.) and wondering which flame retardants they all contain. What concerned me most was that his gear was purchased […]

Homemade Cleaners That Work!

I clean my entire┬áhouse with vinegar. Occasionally baking soda too. The end. But really, it’s true. When our son was born we started to scrutinize everything. He was so little, and new, and unpolluted.┬áThis was part of why we chose to eliminate processed foods, and it also transformed the way we viewed everyday things like […]