How To Take Fermented Cod Liver Oil…

Fermented cod liver oil. Also known as FCLO. Let’s all take a minute to let that sink in, shall we? The oil from a fish’s liver, fermented. I prefer mine blended with a butter oil, for added nutrients, which also makes the texture more of a gel. So we have gelatinous, fermented, fish liver oil. […]

How To Make Homemade Milk Kefir- The EASY Way!

If you’re new to making milk kefir, here are step-by-step instructions on how to make kefir, the easy way! (Note: Yesterday I posted a tip to make your homemade kefir-making much easier. This post gives you step by step instructions from start to finish on how to make kefir the simple way, in case you’re […]

Crunchy Life Hack: Homemade Kefir WITHOUT Dirty Dishes

So, I love kefir. Well, not so much the taste of kefir, but he health benefits of consuming kefir. I swear by kefir, fermented cod liver oil, and a very low amount of refined sugar in the diet for staying healthy all winter long. Swear by it. What is kefir? Kefir is a cultured dairy […]

10 {Store-Bought} Sources of Probiotics

When I first got into real food, I started hearing about the benefits of fermented foods. All these weird, exotic, presumably stinky food items you can allow to start rotting at home and then willingly consume for their health benefits. I’m not going to lie, I definitely put fermentation on the back burner for long […]

Rebuilding My Gut After Antibiotics

Photo Credit: Charles Williams, Meds, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License, September 2013, Edited. In case you haven’t heard, your “gut,” aka your digestive system, is pretty much your immune system. Our digestive systems are inhabited by bazillions (technical term) of microbes- both good and bad. You’ve probably heard of probiotics- these are strains of beneficial microbes that are good […]

How To Make Kefir and A Kefir Smoothie Recipe

The other day I tried to convince you to make and/or consume kefir, so today I thought I’d tell you how I make kefir and my favorite way to drink it. If you Google around for how to make kefir, you’ll find plenty of directions. (Remember, you’ll need to find grains first, or order dehydrated grains.) […]

Milk Kefir: Why Homemade is Better Than Store-Bought

Sorry friends, but I am currently learning about gut health and fermentation, which go hand-in-hand as it turns out. So I figured we may as well discuss the strange, thick, white product always sitting on my counter top, you know, in case you ever come over. Or in case I try to force some of my […]

Ferment Sauerkraut, Sandor Style.

After reading all the benefits of fermentation, who doesn’t want to get their ferment on? I was delighted to hear Sandor say you don’t need any special tools or ingredients, you can simply use the organisms naturally present on the food you are fermenting (known as wild fermentation, which is appropriately the title of his first […]

Fermentation with Sandor Katz

One of my new years resolutions is to ferment veggies, but I confess, I haven’t gotten the courage to try it yet. Yesterday I had the opportunity and privilege to attend a fermentation workshop by the fermentation guru himself, Sandor Katz. Sandor, so well known for his sauerkraut endeavors he is often called Sandorkraut, is a fermentation revivalist who […]