Back in Business: Chickens and Front Yard Gardening

Hello my long lost friends! Oh how I have missed you! I took a bit of a breather after the homesteading deflation that is (1) losing one’s flock of chickens to predators, (2) selling one’s cows because one never makes time to milk them, and (3) getting ones rear end kicked by the colossal failure […]

Fridays on the Farm: Summer Smackdown

I recently re-read my first (and so far, only) Friday farm update of this year. It was written in April, and it said impressive things like: We’ll heavily mulch the garden for weed control; We’ll rotationally graze the cows; We’ll keep the chickens safe from predators by keeping them in electric poultry netting. Oh the […]

Freedom Ranger vs Cornish Cross {Broiler Chicken Comparison}

There is a lot of debate in the land of “raise your own chickens” over which breed of chicken is best. It seems to generally come to down a Cornish Cross type of ultra fast growing breed, or a “ranger” line (Freedom, Red, Black, I’m sure there are more) that grows slightly slower but still […]

Homegrown Chicken Costs {Cornish Cross Style}

The day after Christmas, post “great flu incident of 2014,” we processed 50 Cornish Cross chickens to stock our freezer for the upcoming year. Unlike our first year raising chickens for meat (Freedom Rangers in 2013), I actually tracked our costs this time around. Say what? High fives self and eats chocolate chips as reward. […]

Electric Poultry Netting for Pastured Broiler Chickens

We’ve now raised two batches of meat chickens. Our first batch, 50 Freedom Rangers, were housed in a moveable chicken tractor (basically a mobile pen that the chickens stay in full time) that we moved every day to a new patch of grass. Our second batch, 50 Cornish Cross, free ranged within the confines of […]

Fridays on the Farm: Morning Farm Chores (Fall 2014)

This post brought to you from the afterlife. What? Oh, I haven’t died and gone to heaven? Ahhh, my children are just both napping at the same time. But seriously, it’s full on crazy town at our house these days. But every now and then, I get the teeniest bit of down time and I […]

Starting Baby Chickens: 9 Things You Need

A few weeks ago (I think, I truly have no concept of time these days) we received our order of 50 Cornish Cross baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. As I was running through my mental list of baby chick gear, I decided to look back though Joel Salatin’s book, Pastured Poultry Profits. (Great book,  […]

And Then We Ordered 75 Chickens (Broilers and Layers)

Recall my genius idea to no longer raise meat chickens, but instead cull old laying hens for our freezer? Well, we recently lost our ENTIRE laying flock to a predator over a two day time period…Obviously that means we’ll have no old laying to hens to cull… ever. So, despite the fact that we can’t […]

Rethinking Broiler Chickens

Pregnancy does something to me, y’all. I just have no patience or energy for things being harder than they need to be. This translates into ruthless simplification across the board. As I’ve been periodically checking in with my husband about when we’ll order our batch of broiler chickens (for meat) this summer, I started wondering […]

Fridays on the Farm {Dear Mama Cow, I’m Sorry I Wanted to Eat You}

Happy Friday, friends! I come to you well rested after sending Bridger boy for a “spend the night party” at the grandparents, during which I slept the vast majority of the time. Two naps in two days followed by a trip to the chiropractor… I die. In a good way. And now for the farm […]