About Us

There are three of us here at Whistle Pig Hollow, myself (Ashley), my husband Decker, and our little guy, Bridger, who is almost three. Baby Girl will be joining us this summer!

About Us CollageWhistle Pig Hollow is our 13 acre farm in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. We started renting our little old farm four years ago with modest plans to live intentionally, grow some veggies, and maybe raise a few chickens for backyard eggs.  Since that time, our plan has somehow expanded to include an acre of garden space, tons of laying chickens, broiler chickens (for meat), two heritage breed pigs, and several dairy cows. We strive to live simply and without debt, grow in our faith, tone down the consumption, reduce our waste, eliminate toxins in our life, and raise as much of our own food as possible. Our days all look pretty similar: farm, cook, clean, love, learn, repeat.

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