Farm Update: Fare Thee Well, Cows

farm update

The cow days of Whistle Pig Hollow are over, at least for the time being. Since my last blog post, the final three cows- Mama Cow, her grown baby Nudigate, and [random addition to the herd] Daisy- went to their new home. Although I really, really wanted to eat Nudigate, he ended up getting negotiated into a package deal and sold with the other two, so he’s off to breed some ladies. A much happier ending for old Nudy, but a sad ending for my freezer.

If I’m honest, I’m a little disappointed with how the cow situation ended for us (that would be, me never really milking them and ultimately deciding to just sell them), but I keep telling myself it’s just the phase of life we’re in right now. With a new family business and two small children, the cow milking just wasn’t happening. But even though I can see the rationale in not keeping animals that aren’t serving a purpose on the homestead, the selling of the cows combined with the loss of our chickens and the general disaster that is my garden has really taken the wind out of my sails. I’m trying to focus on the positive- which is simply that I have extra time and freedom to be away from home more, but the truth is I’m more bummed than relieved.

My mother in law, who is the donkey lady around here (she has mules, mini-mules, and mini-donkeys), told me she bought her first pony when her boys were small, and ended up selling it because she simply did not have the time to care for it. When the boys were older she got her famous spotted mule (and several other large animals) and has since gone on to build a wonderful business with her donkeys and mules.


I found her little tidbit of wisdom very encouraging, uplifting, and validating. This really is a small blip of time in my life- there will be plenty of time for cow milking down the road. Right now I shall focus on my family, our business, and whatever homesteading I can cram in on the side.

Thank you for serving as my therapist, dear reader.

In other news, I’m melting. It’s crazy hot and humid lately, and I must say my gardening motivation is at an all time low. My sit in the AC motivation is high, however. The garden looks like hell because I have not done any weeding or re-mulching in quite sometime. Despite my extreme neglect, we’ve got some melons and maters.


melon Collage

The second planting of the cucumbers is looking a bit rough, but maybe they’ll surprise me?


And the raspberry plants are looking good, like most of them are going to make it.raspberry Collage

The yard gourd, of course, was thriving. Because why wouldn’t it? It was an ornamental mini gourd growing all over the entire yard. Exactly what we needed around here. I finally grew tired of having no front yard and pulled up the gourd. Behold, those mini ornaments:

mini gourds

And speaking of thriving, my precious baby Quill recently turned one, and my beloved Bridger Boy turned four this month.

pp mommy

On a daily basis I try not to die from cuteness overload. The struggle is real, folks. I love these two turkeys more than life itself.

The next order of business around these parts is planting some lettuces and greens for my first fall gardening attempt. I can’t wait!


farm update Collage

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  1. I can relate to how you feel. My gardens have gone to hell this year. Life just doesn’t care what my homesteading ambitions are sometimes. Frustrating. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way, but I’m also sad I’m not the only one feeling this way.

    Good luck. We’ll need it.

  2. I am a journalist working on a story about sustainable living and would like to talk to you. Please get in touch so I can explain further. I’m leery of posting specifics in a blog message and I see no other way to contact you directly.

  3. I completely understand your disappointment and would be right there with you! I do, however, understand (in theory, not always in practice) that there is a season for everything in life. You’ll get some more cows down the road a bit and fulfill that part of the dream…but those cute kiddos of yours? They’ll only be cute for so long and every minute counts…and now you have more of those minutes to share with them <3 xoxo

  4. Here from Decluttering the Stuff. They recommended you as one of their favorite sites, so I popped in to say hi.
    I hear ya with the AC motivation! It’s been in the 100s here in FL.
    Your boys are the best investment you’ll ever make. Glad you had some encouragement from your MIL, in that area.
    Good luck with your lettuce.

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