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Off Grid Permaculture Homestead Tour

I’m extremely interested in Permaculture. Mainly because it seems like a less labor intensive, more natural way to grow things. But also partially because it’s so elusive to me- lots of theories and ideas out there, fewer real life examples- at least in my limited reading on the topic so far. So when we had […]

How to Get Your Ass Handed to You in One Easy Step {Homesteader Edition}

If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you know the state of the state around here lately. You’ve seen my housekeeping at the lowest of the low. Ahem. My kitchen the other week… Now before anyone alerts the authorities, I’d like you to know I regained control (that very day, miraculously). […]

Zero Waste Giveaway!

I’m excited to partner with Brush with Bamboo, Bee’s Wrap, and five of my favorite zero-waste bloggers: Inge from GRuNISH Kara from Kara goes green Stephanie from Waste-free PhD Andrea from Near-O-Waste Kimberly from zanygreenquest to offer a fun little giveaway! Four people will win a 4-pack of bamboo toothbrushes (Value $19.99 each, Product details) […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 4

I’ve been baby stepping my way to “zero waste” for four months now. The first three months I was highly motivated and made all these changes and did all this stuff (below I link to posts detailing each month, if you’re interested), and in the fourth month, life happened. Namely, the car needed a lengthy […]