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A Heifer Named Herschel? {And Pregnant Cow Vulva Pictures}

I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a girl named “Herschel.” Cow 101: A “heifer” is a female cow who has not had a calf. So tiny baby girl calves are heifers, and grown female cows pregnant with their first calves are also heifers until that first baby is born. All that for free, folks. […]

Grandparents, Real Food, Kids, and Boundaries.

As a “real foodie” mom (aka, a mom who strongly, strongly prefers her children eat foods containing only ingredients that are indisputably unprocessed foods), I walk a fine line when it comes to eating frequent meals with family members. And an even finer line when it comes to handling situations where family members will be […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 2

Photo credit: Photo by, Flickr creative commons, edited 2015.  And just like that, another month is in the books. Dear Time, you can slow down a little bit. But anyway, zero waste. I have now officially made it two months into my zero waste journey (read my goals here and my first month’s experience […]