How I Feed My Family With Love: Brilliant Mama Blog Tour


In honor of mother’s day, I am participating The Brilliant Mama Blog Tour hosted by another Nashville-area blogging mama, Jenni over at Mamahhh. Her website has a simple yet profound purpose: It’s a daily reminder to {breathe, mama}. And we all need that, don’t we?

When Jenni contacted me to participate in a blog tour to help encourage and inspire other mothers, I have to admit, I considered not participating. Who am I to inspire or encourage others when I have no idea what I’m doing, you know?

But I’ve talked to enough mothers to know, we pretty much all feel the same. We love our family more than we could ever imagine, and we’re just trying to do the best we can for them. And so I’m going to share with you three ways this homesteading mommy feeds her family with love.

1. I feed them real food.

Lots and lots of homemade food. I cook and I cook and I cook and I cook. Because I truly believe a well-nourished body paves the way for a healthy mind and spirit. It is often a sacrifice on my part, but it is my gift to them, and something I am very passionate about. (You can read about how we started our real food journey here, and the pregnancy diet I am following here).

food Collage

2. I nurture their spirits.

As a mother, this looks like allowing my son the time he needs to experience life. What I’m saying is, we move slow around here, y’all. Slow. Sometimes it’s pull-your-hair-out slow as we mosey, at two year old pace, all the way down the driveway to get the mail. Sometimes it’s making a much larger mess in the kitchen than necessary so Bridger can “cook” with me. Sometimes it’s planting a lot less of the garden than we intended, because a little someone wants to be the one to put in every. single. seed.

bridger Collage

3. I allow myself space and time to do simple, usually forgotten, things.

Once I acknowledged and accepted that cooking meals is a valid use of my time, I began to feel okay about the large amount of time I spend in the kitchen. Or once I decided to view searching for geodes with a certain two year old as a wonderful accomplishment, I freed my mind to enjoy the afternoon. This is actually a form of nurturing my own spirit. Time “wasted” becomes time well spent when I really stop and think about what matters, and I feel good about that.


 What are some ways you feed your family with love?


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  1. Thanks for kicking off the Brilliant Mama blog tour!! I love the reminder to relish in feeding my family … for us, slowing down and cooking go hand in hand!! When we remember to do the first, we tend to eat better 🙂 One way I feed my family with love is to share meals with our community. We regularly dine with another family or three, taking turns eating at each others homes. My girls are always asking, “Who are we eating with tonight?” lol Thanks for the inspiration to slow down and upgrade our menus! Happy Mother’s Day, mama!!

  2. Ashley.. what a great post. I often feel resentful of the amount of time I spend in the kitchen but this is a really good reframe.. Thank you for that.

  3. Ashley Browning says:

    Such good reminders Ashley. Thank you! I needed this today! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  4. What a wonderful way to start this tour! I love how you breached a subject that is often overlooked as a sacrifice and so often seen as given. This was a great, my favorite part is slooooowing down. I love THIS. Huge! Best reminder ever. Everything goes better when we slow down and give ourselves and our child time to think and act and explore! Love, love, love this post!!

  5. “This is actually a form of nurturing my own spirit. Time “wasted” becomes time well spent when I really stop and think about what matters, and I feel good about that.”

    That is it. It is so easy to complain or feel unappreciated, or wonder if it or we matter, but it does matter. The small/big things of nurturing our family does in turn nurture ourselves. I have this saying on my kitchen wall: “Home sweet home is when everyone lives for each other and all live for God”. The moments we stop and realize that each little thing we do, however taxing or possibly inconvient, is taking care of the blessings God has given us. It’s showing our families love through our actions. I love you, eat good food. I love you, enjoy the fresh veggies. I love you, the laundry is done. I love you and the things I do around the house are not just because I am a wife or a mother and that is my “role”, but they are the demonstration of my love. My faith in action. My love with deeds.

    Wonderful post! Thank you for the beautiful reminders.

  6. What a lovely post.

    So much of this rings true – I often feel like time is being ‘wasted’ when really I need to stop and enjoy ALL of the moments with my little boy. Even the slower, messier ones 🙂


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