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Fridays on the Farm: The Cow is Free…

A lot happened on the farm this past week, but I did none of it really. I might be entering the lay around in the AC stage of the pregnancy (32 weeks this past week), or maybe I was just having a tired week- hard to say. I’ve also been cleaning out and organizing the […]

Cheap, Filtered Drinking Water {Waste-Free}

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Steven Depolo, Edited 2014 We currently get our drinking water from the spring on our property, and filter it through our fabulous water filtration system- the Berkey. (You can read all about that here.) (PSSSST- I’m giving away a Berkey this week- enter here!) I love our Berkey for […]

Pastured Pigs: What They Eat And Where They Live

I think it’s high time for a pig update, don’t you? Several months ago we found a local farmer who raises a cross between two heritage breed pigs- Large Black and Tamworths- so we brought home our first two pigs to feed out and eventually slaughter for meat. Where they live. When the pigs first […]

Imperial Berkey Giveaway!!! {With two Fluoride/Arsenic Filters}

What is a Berkey, you ask? Why, only the best water purifier ever! We use it to filter our spring water for drinking, but it can also be used to make rainwater, snow melt, or even drainage ditch water potable. And of course it can be used to remove all the unsavories from tap water […]

Fridays on the Farm: Who Let the Calves Out?

Who, who, who, who, who. Haha, get it? Who let the calves out? who, who, who, who, who… Yeah. We totally sang that when we let the calves out of the pen this last week. Our coolness knows no bounds, my friends. But seriously, letting the calves out of the pen was a wonderful step […]

Inexpensive, Portable, Quick Garden Fencing

It’s garden season, and many people find the need to fence their gardens to keep veggie-eating animals (like rabbits and deer) out. But we all know a fencing project can be time consuming and costly, especially as your garden beds get larger, so I wanted to share with you what we’ve been successfully using for […]

How And Why We Became Homesteaders

I don’t think I’ve ever really told our story of how we became homesteaders and what draws us to continue living this lifestyle, have I? Well, recently Lisa from Hullabaloo Homestead gave me the opportunity to participate in a series called The Heart of the Homestead, where’s she’s been featuring different homesteaders sharing their stories […]

Fridays on the Farm: Our First Week Milking the Cow!

Happy Friday, friends. This past week has been both exhausting and exciting. Every. Single. Day. As you know, at the end of last week we were sort of fed up with our inability to milk our dairy cow. It had been about a month since she’d given birth to to baby Nudigate, and she was […]

Eat Local This Summer! {My Goals}

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Photo By Natalie Maynor, Edited 2014. This week marks the beginning of week 5 of the Local Bite Challenge I’ve been participating in with Ever Growing Farm. Over the past month I’ve documented my meal plans, revelations, and failures each week as I started to get familiar with the […]

How I Feed My Family With Love: Brilliant Mama Blog Tour

In honor of mother’s day, I am participating The Brilliant Mama Blog Tour hosted by another Nashville-area blogging mama, Jenni over at Mamahhh. Her website has a simple yet profound purpose: It’s a daily reminder to {breathe, mama}. And we all need that, don’t we? When Jenni contacted me to participate in a blog tour […]