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Using Pigs to Till the Garden {And A Little Hot Wire Training}

A while back we brought home our first two feeder pigs– pigs we’ll feed until they are slaughter size and then magically transform into meat. The time has come to use them to till our garden for spring planting, while simultaneously training them to hot wire for the next phase of their adventure. You see, […]

When Will My Cow Calve? {Vulva Watch 2014}

I have a confession to make. I am not an overly organized or prepared homesteader (or mother, or person in general). Granted, there are some things I like to research into oblivion so as to make ridiculously informed decisions, but there are plenty of things I’m fine to just go for. I mean, we’ll figure […]

Cloth Baby Wipes and a Homemade Wipes Solution Recipe

I’ve been cloth diapering Bridger boy for over two years now, and when you’re cloth diapering, it’s just as easy to go ahead and use cloth wipes as well. I mean, you’re already doing the laundry. What are a few more little poop-covered sheets of fabric, you know? Now that our wipes have basically made […]

Cooking With Toddler: Stockholm Syndrome?

If you’ve ever cooked with a toddler, you know it’s like cooking with a little hostile who is not on your side. A captor, if you will. You, the grownup, are the hostage. You take deep breaths as your carefully measured ingredients don’t always make it into the bowl, since the toddler insists on pouring […]

The Construction Of Our Greenhouse

We scored a frame and some ventilation for a greenhouse last year, and this year is our second year using it. Since it is becoming clear we’ll be tweaking things each year, I wanted to document how we’re doing it this year (2014). The frame, which stays the same from year to year, is built […]

8 Ways to Skip the Candy In Your Child’s Easter Basket

I’m not a total Grinch as a mother, I promise. But I do prefer to steer most celebrations away from candy and junk food when possible, and Easter baskets are no exception. (Granted, this has all been quite easy so far, because I only have a 2.5 year old. But growing up, my mother never […]

Ohhhhhh, We’re Half Way There!

Well, we’ve officially made it half way through the pregnancy , so I thought I’d do a little documentation. I found some random questions on the Internets that I shall now attempt to answer. (In case you don’t feel like reading all the way through, IT’S A GIRL!!!!!) How far along: 21 weeks! Due Date: […]

March Giveaway: Real Food Starter Kit! A $150 Value!

I am SO excited about this month’s giveaway! I’ve teamed up with some of my real food bloggy friends to offer a “real food starter kit.” If you’ve been putting off switching over to real food due to the cost of some of the “must-haves,” this is for you. Or, if you are already entrenched […]

How To Take Fermented Cod Liver Oil…

Fermented cod liver oil. Also known as FCLO. Let’s all take a minute to let that sink in, shall we? The oil from a fish’s liver, fermented. I prefer mine blended with a butter oil, for added nutrients, which also makes the texture more of a gel. So we have gelatinous, fermented, fish liver oil. […]