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Milking Stanchion Update and Once a Day Milking Plans

Elsie girl is due next month with her third calf- her first since living at Whistle Pig Hollow. In preparation, Farmer Dickie’s been working hard to get the milking stanchion built to give Elsie Marley time to get comfortable with the whole contraption. Backstory: We have an extremely skiddish dairy cow we are wooing with […]

Winter Work Clothes for Ye Olde Homestead

So, I’m freezing. It turns out I’ve managed to live in Tennessee four winters now and still have not purchased appropriately warm [yet functional] outdoor work clothing. I like to blame this on the fact that I haven’t really been doing actual outdoor work most of those years. But, as we’ve slowly and incrementally grown […]

2014: The Year of Babies!

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the baby boom that is going on at Whistle Pig Hollow this year, shall we? This past weekend we brought home two piglets (well, technically they are a little older than the “piglet” phase, but they’re still very young). We’ve got lots of eggs in the incubator in […]

From Lilly to Lard

I used to dress so cute. I had a career, an active social life, and a shopping budget. All things which required and afforded cute clothes. My oh my how times have changed! I traded in my career for time at home with my son, my active social life for farm work, and my personal […]

Whistle Pig Hollow To Do List: January 2014

It’s almost halfway through January already, and our to do list contains a few very large tasks that need to be done ASAP, ideally before the end of this month. When I get stressed out or nervous about something, my ears, head, and neck start to itch- and thinking of all we need to get […]

How to Read Millions of Books While You Wash Dishes

You may or may not know that I am addicted to the free online summits that have become popular in the blogosphere these days. They’re pretty awesome, because you get to hear talks by all kinds of people you’d never get to talk to in real life. People like Joel Salatin, Chris Kresser, Dr. Kate […]

A Christmas Miracle

Bridger was nearly 2.5 years old this past Christmas, and we decided his gift from us would be a play kitchen set with some play food. I set to work finding a play kitchen I loved that also qualified as “eco-friendly” according to Ashley- meaning not plastic and not composed of MDF wood. It turns […]

Prepping for Extreme Winter Weather on the Homestead

Okay, okay. Maybe a high of 8 degrees isn’t so extreme in your area. But in Nashville, Tennessee- the farthest north this Mississippi Gulf Coast native has ever lived- I’m calling a forecast of a couple inches of snow and a high of 8 degrees extreme. The projected low of 3 degrees is well below […]