What To Do With Leftover Pulled Chicken? Make Chicken Parmesan Soup!

Chicken Parmesan Soup

This summer we butchered our first batch of meat chickens, leaving us with a freezer full of whole chickens. So naturally, every week or two I either slow cook or roast one, pull the leftover meat off to cook with later in the week, and then make stock with the bones and feet. (Considering I am a stock addict, and only feel comfortable with at least 8 cups in the freezer at all times, this really works out well for me. I make my stock in this slow cooker over night.)

It turns out it’s a little difficult to find recipes that actually call for pulled chicken. Most of the yummy chicken recipes floating around out there call for chicken breasts. So I’ve been slowly building my meal plan rotation to include our favorite ways to use the leftover chicken.

And what’s at the top of that list?

Chicken Parmesan Soup, duh. It’s delicious and easy.

I’ve adapted this recipe from Rachael Ray. If you don’t have chicken leftovers that you’ve already pulled, her original recipe tells you how to cook chicken first and then go on to make the soup. Check it out here.

Chicken Parmesan Soup
That’s it! Nothing like sauteing some garlic and onions and then just adding ingredients together to heat up- it’s almost like real food fast food. And we love the spice added by the crushed red pepper flakes. We pretty much always double this recipe based on the quantity of leftover meat we get off the chicken. Thank you Rachael Ray for making such yummy clean meals!
Oh, and don’t worry about exact measurements. If you don’t have enough stock, you can use half water, and you can certainly use more or less pulled chicken. Basically, the only way to mess up this soup is to go overboard with the crushed red pepper flakes…!
Enjoy the comforting warmth of your nourishing soup!
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  1. Need to do this right now using some leftover beef and vegetable. Hm…let’s see all the things I can throw in the pot. Thanks, DJ, for the motivation. Making soup and doing laundry seems to be a great combo. lol


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