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The Bestest and Cheapest Chicken Waterer {DIY}

To date, our favorite chicken waterer is a five-gallon bucket with several nipples attached to the bottom. Think hamster waterer, but larger and with more places to drink from. There is no water waste at all with this method,¬† so refilling the bucket is not an everyday occurrence. When we used our previous watering system, […]

Fridays on the Farm 10.25.13

Well well well, another Friday. It’s been a long time since I did a farm update, so let’s get to it. Dairy Cow. We’ve been working with our dairy cow, Elsie Marley, for a long time now. If you aren’t familiar with the saga, I’ll bring you up to speed. We brought her home, she […]

Our Tennessee Farm Wedding

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary, and in honor of that, I’m going to recap our wedding. When we met, dated, and were first married, we lived in Florida, but we chose to get married at my husband’s parents’ farm right here in Franklin, Tennessee. We had no idea at the time, but we would […]

Selecting The Healthiest Lettuce {And Not Letting It Go To Waste}

Here’s my deal, when I buy lettuce (when the garden’s not producing) I always get the entire head of lettuce. I skip the washed, bagged lettuce because I’m trying to become “zero waste.” Or “significantly less waste” as the case may be. All that plastic used to bag the pre-washed lettuce is a high price […]

10 {Store-Bought} Sources of Probiotics

When I first got into real food, I started hearing about the benefits of fermented foods. All these weird, exotic, presumably stinky food items you can allow to start rotting at home and then willingly consume for their health benefits. I’m not going to lie, I definitely put fermentation on the back burner for long […]

Taming the Grocery Budget: Once a Month Meal Planning

Some families are able to eat real food on an amazing budget, but we just aren’t one of them. We spend a lot of money on food, even when we grow veggies all summer and have a freezer full of home-raised chickens! So what gives? Photo Credit:¬†Karin Dalziel (karindalziel), Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Edited Before […]

Pizza Bread

WARNING: Contains white flour. (Haha, I crack myself up. But really, if you are looking for properly prepared whole grains, this recipe is not it… Although you can sub up to half the flour with sprouted whole grain flour and it’s still good- buy it here.) Pizza Bread. All the goodness of pizza, rolled up […]