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Fridays on the Farm 9.27.13

Another Friday, my friends. This one finds us in the early stages of fall- the weather is absolutely wonderful. Crispy in the evenings, warm in the days. To make matters even better, the work load on the farm is way down. Not that I’m opposed to hard work, but I really am enjoying this little […]

Avoiding Juice Boxes…

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Steven Depolo, Edited 2014. I haven’t been a parent for very long (two years), but I’ve managed to figure out two parenting truths. The first is that your child will make a liar out of you; it’s only a matter of time. The second is that kids drink juice […]

The Hoopty Coop: An Inexpensive Chicken Coop

Disclaimer: This post will most certainly contain some type of grammatical error(s), will not be written nearly as well as usual and might be the ramblings of a mad man. This is Farmer Dickie guest posting on the blog. If you have been following our exploits this summer you know we started off the 2013 […]

How To Save Tomato Seeds {With Photo Tutorial}

In 2013 I ventured into the world of saving seeds, and I started with tomatoes. I followed some lovely directions I found online from the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County(this), and I will summarize them for you here. Selecting Your Tomatoes 1. Choose heirloom. Make sure you are NOT saving seeds from hybrid plants– […]

Fridays on the Farm 9.20.13

So, it’s Saturday and I’m just now getting around to posting “Fridays on the Farm.” But you know, that’s life. It’s been a lovely week here in Nashville. The weather has been sunny and warm, but not summer time hot. And the first few leaves are starting to fall. Just beautiful. But anyway, let’s talk […]

Rebuilding My Gut After Antibiotics

Photo Credit: Charles Williams, Meds, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License, September 2013, Edited. In case you haven’t heard, your “gut,” aka your digestive system, is pretty much your immune system. Our digestive systems are inhabited by bazillions (technical term) of microbes- both good and bad. You’ve probably heard of probiotics- these are strains of beneficial microbes that are good […]

Fridays on the Farm 9.13.13

Woohoo. It’s Friday the 13th and I am back with an update from the farm. You know I like to make excuses first, so here’s why I haven’t done a farm update lately: (1) I took myself off grains, dairy, and sugar (mostly- there was one chocolate bar in there last week) to help myself […]

Drinking Water {No Municipality Required}

Photo by Steve A Johnson, Flickr Creative Commons, Edited. I just finished a phenomenal ebook called Sustainability Starts at Home by Dawn Gifford, who blogs at Small Footprint Family. (It’s right up my alley, given my love of Zero Waste Home.) Dawn points out that we, the end consumer of products and services, are completely unaware of […]

Super Cheap Ebooks From My Favorite Real Food Bloggers!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for an ebook, especially from my favorite bloggers. But I have a confession to make: I’ll eye an ebook until it’s included in a bundle. Why not get 30 books for the price of 2 or 3, you know? Well my friends, now is the time. For one […]

How Eating “Real Food” Helped Me Love Deer Season {From a Hunter’s Wife}

It’s almost deer season in Tennessee, folks, and I’m actually really excited. I am not a hunter, but my husband is. And let me tell you, I have not always been excited for the coming of deer season. Oh no ma’am. Since we’ve been married, my views on deer season have shifted dramatically. Early on, […]