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Fridays on the Farm 7.26.13

Hello hello. Once again, I can’t believe it’s already Friday, yet at the same time it feels like a million years since I wrote last week’s update. This week we worked on planning and preparing the fall garden, and of course trudged forward in our quest to have a dairy cow actually live at our house. […]

The Weston A Price Pregnancy Diet: Is It Possible To Eat That Much Food?

You know from reading yesterday’s post that I want to follow the Weston A Price Foundation’s recommended diet for pregnant and nursing mothers for my next pregnancy, whenever that may be. Since they recommend eating the suggested foods for a minimum of six months before trying to conceive, I’m working the foods into my diet now. Let’s review what […]

What I Eat These Days {Fertility, Pregnancy, and Nursing Mother Diet}

Image: Flickr/Frank De Kleine (Creative Commons), adapted July 2013. When I was pregnant with Bridger, I didn’t think too long and hard about the quality of the food I ate. Granted, I tried to eat lots of veggies, made sure to eat enough dairy to meet my daily calcium requirements, and took a prenatal vitamin. But still, it wasn’t always pretty. […]

Fridays on the Farm 7.19.13

Well Happy Friday, folks. We made it to another weekend! Bridger and I got back in town Sunday evening from our 8 day tour-de-family, which kicked off the weekend after July 4th. We spent one night in Oxford, Mississippi, visiting my sister and her husband, and then my sister, myself, and Bridger headed down to the beach […]

How To Drain Bacon Without Paper Towels

Photo credit: Cookbookman17, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution In case you’re new to my blog (welcome!), I feel the need to tell you I am currently obsessed with decluttering, simplifying, and eliminating wasteful practices in my life, all thanks to the book Zero Waste Home. One of the easiest things we’ve done was eliminate paper products from the kitchen- you can read […]

Fridays on the Farm 7.12.13

Happy Friday Saturday everyone! This past week I’ve been on vacation with my extended family, and Farmer Dickie has been at home taking care of the homestead. He sent me pictures of what’s been going on at home, and it looks like the garden is really picking up this week. I obviously planned to bring […]

Eating Healthy(ish) on Vacation

Every year my extended family takes a beach trip together to Gulf Shores, Alabama. And by “extended family” and “together,” I mean one large beach house for 22 people. Over the years I haven’t always been able to attend, but this year Bridger and I packed up and headed down for a week with everyone. (Farmer Dickie had to stay […]

Spinach Bacon Potato Frittata

I’ll admit, I think it’s funny when a recipe includes all of the ingredients in the name. In the spirit of not being funny, I showed some restraint here and omitted feta from the title. Really this should be called a spinach-bacon-potato-feta frittata. We have our fair share of eggs around here, and so we have […]

Fridays on The Farm 7.5.13

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a nice time celebrating the Fourth of July yesterday. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last week. Garden. The gardens are picking up. I was thrilled to bring several dishes to our neighbor’s July 4th celebration that contained ingredients from our farm. We brought potato salad […]

Butchering Backyard Chickens

Warning: this post contains pictures of chickens being processed (killed, plucked, etc.). If you prefer to not see such things, please stop reading now. If you really want to learn how to process backyard chickens, you should probably go learn from Herrick Kimball, who’s done it for years and years and even invented his own chicken plucking […]