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Fridays on the Farm 5.31.13

Howdy friends. It seems like this week flew by, but at the same time it seems like it’s been a month since I wrote last week’s Friday update. Thank goodness I was able to report productivity last Friday, because this Friday I am reporting a wash. Over the Memorial Day weekend we got some work […]

Mexican Egg Salad

Now that we always have extra eggs on hand, we’ve been trying to incorporate more egg-based meals into our menu (outside of breakfast). We came up with this recipe for Mexican egg salad when we were looking for something to bring to a Cinco de Mayo party using ingredients we already had at our house. The original recipe […]

Books I Wish I’d Read Before Having a Baby

  Like many newly pregnant first-time-mothers-to-be, the second I got a positive home pregnancy test, I was online ordering books to tell me all about my changing body and growing baby. I read several “What to Expect” type of books and several childbirth type of books. What I didn’t read were any books to help […]

My Paperless Kitchen

Out in the boonies, we have to bring our own trash and recycling to the local dump. There’s no curbside pickup here. Now that we can’t just schlep our trash outside to disappear, I’ve become appalled by the amount of trash (and even recycling) our small family generates, and I’ve been meaning to do something about it. […]

How To Make Kefir and A Kefir Smoothie Recipe

The other day I tried to convince you to make and/or consume kefir, so today I thought I’d tell you how I make kefir and my favorite way to drink it. If you Google around for how to make kefir, you’ll find plenty of directions. (Remember, you’ll need to find grains first, or order dehydrated grains.) […]

How to Make Pizza (If You’re 2)

Pizza making is no different than any other task in life, one must prepare ahead of time to ensure success. When you are nearly two years old, such preparation is two-fold. As your mother works to make pizza dough and prep the other ingredients while the dough rises, you must (quickly, and with purpose) destroy the kitchen […]

Fridays on the Farm 5.24.13

I thought I’d start doing an end of the week recap each Friday. Bridger is currently obsessed with Old MacDonald had a farm, or “O E O E O E” as he calls it. I sing it all. the. time. I go through every farm animal, every zoo animal, every person, every thing I can think […]


We’re in our second year of growing potatoes. The first year we grew Yukon Golds and Adirondack Blues; this year we just went with Buttes, a classic Idaho baking potato. We planted 20 lbs of organic seed potatoes (order them here)- 260 row feet. Last year we only planted five pounds and I thought we got […]

Milk Kefir: Why Homemade is Better Than Store-Bought

Sorry friends, but I am currently learning about gut health and fermentation, which go hand-in-hand as it turns out. So I figured we may as well discuss the strange, thick, white product always sitting on my counter top, you know, in case you ever come over. Or in case I try to force some of my […]

Homemade Cleaners That Work!

I clean my entire house with vinegar. Occasionally baking soda too. The end. But really, it’s true. When our son was born we started to scrutinize everything. He was so little, and new, and unpolluted. This was part of why we chose to eliminate processed foods, and it also transformed the way we viewed everyday things like […]