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It seems like we’ve been busy busy busy lately, but when someone asks me what we’ve been up to, I can’t for the life of me think of anything other than the usual cooking and cleaning. Here’s a little recap of the the last week or so though.

The last weekend in September we had a major garden work weekend. We pulled out all the old squash/cucumber/bean vines that were taking over the garden, dug up some of the sweet potatoes, and prepped for and then planted the fall greens. I haven’t even walked back out there to check, but I bet some lettuces are starting to sprout. We haven’t tasted our sweet potatoes yet because freshly dug sweet potatoes take time to cure and sweeten, but I can’t wait!

Seriously, a few weeks of not maintaining the garden at the end of the season and this is what you end up with.

Bridger, sweet potato plants,  sweet potato squash, and weeds in the garden.

Sweet potatoes!

Prepping for the fall garden.

October Unprocessed kicked off last Monday. For someone who thought they’d eliminated most processed foods already, it’s been interesting to start noticing all the places processed creeps in. I learned very quickly that my go to “fast food,” a wrap from Whole Foods, is very nicely contained in a very processed wrap that even contains soy lecithin (um, boo). I also spent about 20 minutes in the chocolate chip aisle, again, trying to avoid soy lecithin. (This luxury brought to me by my father in law, who babysat B while I went grocery shopping.) One of the quickest and easiest ways to avoid processed foods for dinners is to have a meat, a vegetable, and a starch (such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, or squash), so that’s exactly what we did several nights last week. Between that, the crockpot, and homemade soups I already had in the freezer, we made it through week one. So far so good.

This last weekend my in-laws had their annual Bluegrass on the Ridge party- their outdoor cookout complete with a great local bluegrass band. Family and friends came into town, the cold fall weather blew in, and a great time was had by all. Decker’s aunt and cousins came to visit, and we finally got to meet Bridger’s adorable cousin, Jace, who is only three months younger than Bridger!  (Technically Jace is Bridger’s second cousin once removed, and yes, I had to google that.)

Mule Ridge Farm, my in-law’s farm.

The view from the ridge in my in-law’s backyard.

Bluegrass on the Ridge 2012 with Rude Dogs, the Bluegrass band.

The cooking station: There was chili, taco soup, cobblers, and whatever everyone brought to throw on the grill.

Somehow, no matter what the event, we just take pictures with the animals. Here we have Bunni and Bridger on Hooch, the spotted mule. Not surprisingly, I have no pictures of our out of town family or group pictures from the party…

Fortunately I was able to steal a Bridger/Jace picture from Jace’s mom 🙂

My mother-in-law, Bunni, has a fabulous group of girlfriends who live in Florida and who make the trip up each year for Bluegrass on the Ridge. Sunday they had a surprise birthday party for Bunni and two of her friends who all have fall birthdays, and they so very sweetly included yours truly. It was such a fun time! Aunt Sue (Decker’s aunt) ordered barbecue and a cake and we all sat outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. Since reading Food Babe’s article for 100 Days of Real Food on grocery store birthday cakes, I knew we’d have to have another option if we wanted to stick to our October Unprocessed rules. We ran by Whole Foods and picked up a few cookies from the bakery before we headed to the party- easy peasy and no one even noticed we were eating cookies instead of cake, so it didn’t take away at all from the birthday festivities. (Note, most cookies from most grocery store bakeries contain funk, as I so technically like to describe it, hence why we made a trip specifically to Whole Foods to get pre-made cookies with normal ingredients. I find it to be a huge bummer that this is the case, but alas, it’s currently the way things are.)

Happy Birthday to us!

The food and cake in the foreground and Grandma, who is 95, rocks the party in the background.

The birthday gals. Maggie, Sharon, me, and Bunni (seated).

The Florida ladies even got a balloon for B!

And last but not least, the Stinker has been teething up a storm this past week, so he’s been a sleepy little runny nose mess, as evidenced by his glazed-over appearance in all the pictures from the weekend. He now has three new teeth to show for it, with one more about to break through. After this, momma prays those are all the new teeth he gets for a while… At least until we all catch up on our sleep!

– Ashley

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  1. First of all, Bridger is the cutest little thing ever!! I am loving your new blog!! I am so impressed with your clean eating, growing food, canning and cloth diapering… You are such an amazing momma!!

  2. Ash! Happy late Birthday. Your blog is so cute and your town just looks so cool. Miss ya.

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