Back in Business: Chickens and Front Yard Gardening

Hello my long lost friends! Oh how I have missed you! I took a bit of a breather after the homesteading deflation that is (1) losing one’s flock of chickens to predators, (2) selling one’s cows because one never makes time to milk them, and (3) getting ones rear end kicked by the colossal failure […]

Farm Update: Fare Thee Well, Cows

The cow days of Whistle Pig Hollow are over, at least for the time being. Since my last blog post, the final three cows- Mama Cow, her grown baby Nudigate, and [random addition to the herd] Daisy- went to their new home. Although I really, really wanted to eat Nudigate, he ended up getting negotiated […]

A Day In The Life Of A Homesteader

The other day a few of my favorite homestead bloggy friends and I were discussing the overwhelms and expenses involved in raising and growing our own food, and we realized we all feel the same way about homesteading- it’s hard. And overwhelming. But it’s also a source of pride, joy, and, we believe, true change. […]

Whistle Pig Hollow, Take Two.

We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. A little over a year ago Farmer Dickie left his corporate job to start his own business (technically our business, although he does all the work), and a little less than a year ago our precious baby Quill joined the family. With these two changes we […]

Homemade Chocolate Sauce With No Refined Sugar

  Oh, normal people. Always giving my kiddos normal people food. Then mommy gets to be the wacko who “doesn’t let” them eat whatever said normal food may be. It’s cool though, I just try to get creative while also turning the situation into a learning experience for the kids. Recently Bridger, who will be […]

Fridays on the Farm: Summer Smackdown

I recently re-read my first (and so far, only) Friday farm update of this year. It was written in April, and it said impressive things like: We’ll heavily mulch the garden for weed control; We’ll rotationally graze the cows; We’ll keep the chickens safe from predators by keeping them in electric poultry netting. Oh the […]

7 Zero Waste Solutions for your Personal Care Routine

You may or may not have noticed that I am extremely tardy on my “Zero Waste Baby Steps” update for last month… as in, I never posted anything. But as life would have it, it is suddenly the end of another month, so let’s get on with it! In May I ended up finally finding […]

Easy Pea Soup Recipe

Today I want to welcome my friend Kathie from Homespun Seasonal Living. She’s a writer, teacher, and homesteader who is passionate about empowering people to courageously and fiercely embrace their “Do it yourself” (D.I.Y.) abilities. Making soups from scratch is one of the many ways to build a courageous home and live fiercely D.I.Y., and […]

Off Grid Permaculture Homestead Tour

I’m extremely interested in Permaculture. Mainly because it seems like a less labor intensive, more natural way to grow things. But also partially because it’s so elusive to me- lots of theories and ideas out there, fewer real life examples- at least in my limited reading on the topic so far. So when we had […]

How to Get Your Ass Handed to You in One Easy Step {Homesteader Edition}

If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you know the state of the state around here lately. You’ve seen my housekeeping at the lowest of the low. Ahem. My kitchen the other week… Now before anyone alerts the authorities, I’d like you to know I regained control (that very day, miraculously). […]