How To Start A Homestead

Start a Homestead FB

We’ve been “homesteading” for a little over three years now. What started out as a desire to live intentionally and garden has escalated into chickens, two pigs, a dairy cow (or several), and meat chickens. Not to mention about an acre of garden space and a greenhouse. Chickens are a gateway animal, I tell you. […]

Elsie Marley’s New Calf (Jersey/Angus Cross) and a Cow Update

Nudigate FB

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter for, oh, say the last two months, you know we’ve been eagerly awaiting the birth of Elsie Marley’s baby. Elsie Marley is our Jersey cow, who recently gave birth to her third calf, her first since coming to live at Whistle Pig Hollow. We originally thought […]

Eating Local: Week 2 {With Meal Plan}

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This week will mark the beginning of Week 2 of the Local Bite challenge hosted by Ever Growing Farm- in which we are attempting to eat as local as possible for 100 days. Even though we’ve only been participating in this challenge for a week, I’ve already learned a thing or two. Lessons learned so […]

An Ode to the Siphon

Siphon FB

I’m not going to lie to you. Things aren’t always easy at Whistle Pig Hollow. Sometimes things are downright hard. For instance, the pigs might escape from the pen in the middle of a rainy night. Or you have to cull your old laying hens. Or you accidentally kill all your seedlings in your greenhouse. […]

Culling Old Laying Hens

culling hens

  We culled our first batch of chickens this past weekend. Culling is selectively slaughtering animals, typically animals that are not serving their intended purpose on the farm anymore. It all started with the need to cull several aggressive roosters. Since we were already getting out the equipment, we decided to go ahead and cull […]

Frugal Homesteading

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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Ervins Strauhmanis, Edited 2014 Homesteading ain’t free, y’all. If fact, it’s not always even cheap. The animals, the feed, the fencing and other infrastructure, the heirloom seeds, the greenhouse. The time. It can all add up pretty quickly. We’re not independently wealthy (bummer!). I left my career as an […]

Eating Local: Week 1 {With Meal Plan}

Local bite week 1

This week kicks off the Local Bite challenge hosted by Ever Growing Farm. One hundred days in which we all try to eat local. I can already tell by my first meal plan that (a) I don’t eat as local as I thought I did and (b) I have a lot to learn over the […]

April Giveaway: Cloth Diaper Essentials

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This month I’ve teamed up with a few lovely bloggers to give away some Cloth Diaper Essentials! I obviously love this giveaway, because I love cloth diapers and want everything included in this giveaway for myself…  Alas, I am not eligible to win. But you are! Here’s what you could win: 4 All-In-One Swaddlebees Diapers […]

Local Bite Challenge {Eat Local for 100 Days}

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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Natalie Maynor, “Farmer’s Market,” Edited 2014. From April 12th to July 21st, for 100 days, I will be participating in the Local Bite Challenge hosted by Ever Growing Farm. And of course, I shall now tell you all about it. As the name would suggest, the goal is to […]

Bulk Chicken Feed, Whistle Pig Hollow Style

Bulk Chicken Feed

Chicken people are always interested in how other chicken people do things. At least I always am… So today I thought I’d share our chicken feed operation.  Before we even got our chickens, I knew I wanted to feed them organic and soy-free, but I ran into a few road blocks. I could not find […]