Lessons From My First Ice Storm

ice gate

So we’re apparently having an ice storm at this very moment in Tennessee. Being from south Mississippi, this is my first ice storm. Since we haven’t [yet] had widespread, long term power outages, I’m assuming this is probably nothing as far as ice storms go, but nonetheless, it’s still an interesting experience. I am thanking […]

Gardening with Kids: Starting Seeds

starting seeds

I want to foster a sense of gardening-love in my children, but have you tried gardening with a one, two, or three year old? If you haven’t, allow me to bring you up to speed: chaos. At one they eat all sorts of inedibles/choking hazards, such that one entire adult really must be devoted to […]

Sneaky Egg Pancakes

sneaky egg pancakes

A while back my dearest Bridger boy, now three years old, decided he no longer liked eggs. He went from happily eating eggs all the time to flat out refusing them. No biggie, he still eats an egg for breakfast many mornings, except he thinks he’s eating pancakes. He’s been falling for this trick for […]

Note to self: Be a better person.

snowy day

I’ve had a couple of things happen to me lately that made me make a mental note to be a better person. The first thing occurred right before Christmas, when we all got the flu. I was hoping the power of breast milk would be enough to keep the baby from getting it, but when […]

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 1

Zero Waste Baby Steps: Month 1

Photo credit: Photo by MyDoorSign.com, Flickr creative commons, edited 2014. The goal: Minimize our possessions and trash output. Since I’m slowly baby stepping my way to a life of less stuff and less trash, I thought I’d document my monthly progress and challenges. During January I spent a lot of time getting setup. Here’s what […]

Homemade Broiler Feed Recipes

Broiler chicken feed recipes

I’m no chicken feed expert, but I thought I’d share the feed recipes we used for the two batches of meat chickens we’ve raised so¬† far at Whistle Pig Hollow (Cornish Cross in 2014 and Freedom Rangers in 2013). Cornish Cross Ration We wanted a soy-free whole grain mix. We needed the grains whole because […]

Killing Pigs Nicely, Farmstead Meatsmith Style

pork harvest

Warning. This posts contains graphic images of pigs being killed and butchered. If you’d rather not see such things, now is the time to read a different post. May I suggest an adorable baby calf being born? On New Year’s day we slaughtered our two pigs we’d gotten the previous February. (Yes yes, you did […]

2015 Homestead Goals

Homestead Goals 2015

In addition to trying to drastically reduce our belongings and our trash, we must keep things rolling around ye old homestead. Here are our 2015 goals. Become more efficient. At everything. There are so many things around here that could be streamlined. For instance, with a couple more hoses we could have water delivered directly […]

Electric Poultry Netting for Pastured Broiler Chickens

Chicken tractor or poultry netting

We’ve now raised two batches of meat chickens. Our first batch, 50 Freedom Rangers, were housed in a moveable chicken tractor (basically a mobile pen that the chickens stay in full time) that we moved every day to a new patch of grass. Our second batch, 50 Cornish Cross, free ranged within the confines of […]

My Zero Waste Goals for 2015

zero waste 2015

Photo credit: Photo by MyDoorSign.com, Flickr creative commons, edited 2014. I dream of nothing. No, really. Nothing. Ever since I read Zero Waste Home a while back, I’ve been longing for freedom from my stuff. And my trash. Here’s the deal. My time is valuable. I want to spend it doing things with my family, […]