Starting Baby Chickens: 9 Things You Need

starting baby chickens

A few weeks ago (I think, I truly have no concept of time these days) we received our order of 50 Cornish Cross baby chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. As I was running through my mental list of baby chick gear, I decided to look back though Joel Salatin’s book, Pastured Poultry Profits. (Great book,  […]

Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner: 4 Things I Learned

Sustainable Thanksgiving

My super awesome sister, Lindsey (who is a real journalist, by the way), has written a guest post about a sustainable Thanksgiving meal she recently attended. She’s the bomb. The end. It’s estimated that the average American meal travels 1500 miles from farm to plate—that’s farther than my husband, Andrew, and I are traveling from […]

Banana Bites {Easy Real Food Snack}

Banana Bites

Holy Mackerel, folks. I’d like to officially welcome myself back to the land of the semi-functional. As you know, our precious baby Quill was born about two and a half months ago, and up until a week ago I could only get her to nap in the baby carrier (i.e., on my body… all day). […]

And Then We Ordered 75 Chickens (Broilers and Layers)

75 chickens

Recall my genius idea to no longer raise meat chickens, but instead cull old laying hens for our freezer? Well, we recently lost our ENTIRE laying flock to a predator over a two day time period…Obviously that means we’ll have no old laying to hens to cull… ever. So, despite the fact that we can’t […]

The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook Review

Nourished Kitchen Book Review

I signed up with Blogging for Books and received a free copy of The Nourished Kitchen to review. My review of this book is my honest opinion, and is in no way influenced by the super awesome fact that I received this book for free. I’m very excited to share with you my review of […]

100 Days of Eating Local

100 days of eating local

Photo credit: Rhett Maxwell, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, edited. Y’all. I love eating local. Like, want-to-buy-my-baby-“eat-local”-onesies love it. (Also, I have a secret and unrealized desire to cover my car in bumper stickers. If I ever do it, I will have this one.) I first delved into the world of [truly] eating local when I […]

How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need for a Newborn?

newborn stash

Ahh, the age-old question. How many cloth diapers do you need for a newborn? I shall tell you the answer. You need more than I have… As you probably know, I cloth diapered Bridger, but I really didn’t start cloth with him until he was about a month or so old. But with baby Quill, […]

Fridays on the Farm: Food Preservation

Fridays on the Farm

Well hello there! Now that I’m no longer pregnant and have recovered some of my energy after having the baby, we are back at it on the old homestead. (Well, Farmer Dickie’s been at it the whole time, I should say I’m back at documenting things…) It just so happens that it’s also canning time, […]

I am Mama Cow: Baby Quill’s Unplanned Unassisted Home Birth (Part 2)

hospital FB

This is the second part of Baby Quill’s unplanned unassisted home birth story. To read the first part, click here. Baby Quill’s Birth Story, Continued… Pushing and Birthing 11:24 AM- 11:37 AM In case you forgot, my husband had gone out to start the car so we could head to the hospital. He came back […]

I am Mama Cow: Baby Quill’s Unplanned Unassisted Home Birth (Part 1)

Home Birth Part 1

If you follow me on Facebook, you know the birth of our second child, baby Quill, just occurred at home- completely unplanned and I’d say pretty much unassisted to top it off. It was hands down the most amazing experience of my life. (And one that makes me want to have zillions of babies, at […]