Culling Old Laying Hens

culling hens

  We culled our first batch of chickens this past weekend. Culling is selectively slaughtering animals, typically animals that are not serving their intended purpose on the farm anymore. It all started with the need to cull several aggressive roosters. Since we were already getting out the equipment, we decided to go ahead and cull […]

Frugal Homesteading

Financial Homesteading FB

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Ervins Strauhmanis, Edited 2014 Homesteading ain’t free, y’all. If fact, it’s not always even cheap. The animals, the feed, the fencing and other infrastructure, the heirloom seeds, the greenhouse. The time. It can all add up pretty quickly. We’re not independently wealthy (bummer!). I left my career as an […]

Eating Local: Week 1 {With Meal Plan}

Local bite week 1

This week kicks off the Local Bite challenge hosted by Ever Growing Farm. One hundred days in which we all try to eat local. I can already tell by my first meal plan that (a) I don’t eat as local as I thought I did and (b) I have a lot to learn over the […]

April Giveaway: Cloth Diaper Essentials

cloth diaper giveaway FB

This month I’ve teamed up with a few lovely bloggers to give away some Cloth Diaper Essentials! I obviously love this giveaway, because I love cloth diapers and want everything included in this giveaway for myself…  Alas, I am not eligible to win. But you are! Here’s what you could win: 4 All-In-One Swaddlebees Diapers […]

Local Bite Challenge {Eat Local for 100 Days}

Local bite FB

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Natalie Maynor, “Farmer’s Market,” Edited 2014. From April 12th to July 21st, for 100 days, I will be participating in the Local Bite Challenge hosted by Ever Growing Farm. And of course, I shall now tell you all about it. As the name would suggest, the goal is to […]

Bulk Chicken Feed, Whistle Pig Hollow Style

Bulk Chicken Feed

Chicken people are always interested in how other chicken people do things. At least I always am… So today I thought I’d share our chicken feed operation.  Before we even got our chickens, I knew I wanted to feed them organic and soy-free, but I ran into a few road blocks. I could not find […]

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Baby/Toddler’s Exposure to Chemicals in Plastic

ditch the plastic baby

Photo Credit: Randy Robertson, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, Edited 2014. From an environmental perspective, we all know plastic is bad, right? Being that it’s made of chemicals and typically at least somewhat disposable… I mean, no one’s passing their cute plastic plates down to their grandchildren. But the human health dangers posed by exposure to […]

Using Pigs to Till the Garden {And A Little Hot Wire Training}

Pig tillers

A while back we brought home our first two feeder pigs- pigs we’ll feed until they are slaughter size and then magically transform into meat. The time has come to use them to till our garden for spring planting, while simultaneously training them to hot wire for the next phase of their adventure. You see, […]

When Will My Cow Calve? {Vulva Watch 2014}

signs of calving

I have a confession to make. I am not an overly organized or prepared homesteader (or mother, or person in general). Granted, there are some things I like to research into oblivion so as to make ridiculously informed decisions, but there are plenty of things I’m fine to just go for. I mean, we’ll figure […]

Cloth Baby Wipes and a Homemade Wipes Solution Recipe

cloth wipes

I’ve been cloth diapering Bridger boy for over two years now, and when you’re cloth diapering, it’s just as easy to go ahead and use cloth wipes as well. I mean, you’re already doing the laundry. What are a few more little poop-covered sheets of fabric, you know? Now that our wipes have basically made […]